Using the “Less is More” philosophy the Nutrition Habit Challengeanytime encourages participants to choose a nutritional behavior they are committed to changing. It must be significant enough to positively impact their health, but manageable enough that they can be successful for 28 days. If they are successful for 25 out of the 28 days, they win!

The NHC History

The Nutrition Habit Challenge was created in 2010 by Bruce and Kym Burke, co-founders of One on One Fitness based in State College, PA. The original goal of the NHC was to inspire One on One’s clients to make one or two small nutritional commitments using the “Less is More” approach. The “Less is More” approach is founded on the premise that making small behavioral changes can stop a downward spiral of destructive behavior and begin an upward spiral of constructive behaviors. This upward spiral often inspires us to make other small modifications, resulting in meaningful dietary/lifestyle change that can significantly impact our health.

“We created the NHC to educate and inspire members of our community to make better choices not only with their diets, but also their exercise habits and lifestyle choices” says Bruce Burke. “We have created a platform to do that, but we need thousands of participants in order to succeed in truly impacting our community’s health. If we have 10,000 participants, and 20% of them have lasting, meaningful change, we have helped 2000 people live healthier lives. That is the end game.”

So to that end, in 2014, the Burkes partnered with local business leaders Greg Hayes of Kish Bank and Roger Garthwaite of Otto’s Pub & Brewery to open the event to all of Centre County, PA. Over the following 4 years the Challenge expanded to over 7500 participants and included school districts from around the state of Pennsylvania as well as faculty, staff, and students from Penn State University.

The past 5 years have created great momentum for the Nutrition Habit Challenge. With a goal of creating long lasting change in nutrition habits, the next phase of the evolution of the NHC will allow individuals, schools, and businesses to run their own Nutrition Habit Challenge, anytime of the year. We are excited to announce the launch of The Nutrition Habit Challenge ANYTIME.

This new website provides all of the tools and guidance needed to organize and execute a nutrition habit challenge for anyone, anywhere, anytime. We are excited to see the NHCanytime stand on its own and allow individuals and organizations to encourage strong nutrition behaviors. Please continue through the site to learn how you can benefit from this free wellness initiative today!

The NHCanytime is available to everyone…individuals, families, schools, businesses!

You, your family, friends, and community can enjoy the benefits of making a positive change in your diet/lifestyle. Get your family, friends, and/or coworkers together and discuss what each of you can do to make healthier nutrition choices. From there, make simple commitments and hold each other accountable.

We all must do our part to make a difference. The Nutrition Habit Challengeanytime is a great place to start.

Kish Bank Otto's Pub & Brewery

Special thanks to past challenge sponsors: Kish Bank, Otto’s of State College, and One on One, and our hard working committee members: 

Bruce and Kym Burke, Nutrition Habit Challenge, co-founders
Julie Christie, SCASD, Physical Educator
Krista Davis, Centre County Government, Risk Management Coordinator
Andrea Fisher, Youth Service Bureau, CEO
Roger Garthwaite, Otto’s, co-owner
Greg Hayes, Kish Bank, President & COO
Melanie Lynch, M.Ed., HPE, North Allegheny School District, 2016 SHAPE America Teacher of the Year
Dennis Shea, Penn State Associate Dean of College of Health and Human Development
Deb Simpson, Penn State Senior Business Analyst
John Valentik, One on One, partner, NASM
Cheryl White, Centre Volunteers in Medicine, Executive Director
Paige Whitmire, One on One, RD, LDN