The Nutrition Habit Challengeanytime is a wellness initiative designed to educate, motivate and inspire community members to take personal responsibility for improving their health habits. For You, for your School, or for your Business, the NHCanytime is a FREE wellness initiative available for the benefit of improving wellness. The Challenge can be easily done by one person, by a small group like a family, a classroom, or department, or by an entire organization, company, or school district.

The structure and content is being made available to you to achieve the mission of inspiring community members to make better choices not only with their diets, but also their exercise habits and lifestyle choices. We have created a platform to do that, but we need thousands of participants in order to succeed in truly impacting our community’s health. Join us today in our challenge.

NHCanytime: Quick Facts

  • It is a 28-day nutrition habit building challenge
  • Participants choose a nutritional behavior they want to change. The behavior must be significant enough to positively impact their health, but manageable enough that they can be successful for 28 days.
  • Participants track their success.
  • Participant who successfully practice their nutrition habit for 25 out of 28 days are successful. Schools, businesses, and organizations can sponsor prizes and host a prize drawing for all successful participants.


Select NHC for You, NHC for Schools, or NHC for Business to learn more about how you can participate!