The path to wellness starts with 1 – 2 – 3…

1. Choose a Commitment

Select a nutritional behavior that you would like to change. The behavior must be significant enough to positively impact your health, but manageable enough that you can be successful for 25 of the 28 days.

Some ideas include:

No snacking on anything but fruit after dinner
Drink water instead of soda or juice
Prepare healthy snacks for work each day

List of Recommended Commitments

2. Practice your Commitment

Continue to practice your habit, and remember that it doesn’t have to be done perfectly. If you stumble, don’t give up. Get re-focused and do the next right thing.

Print a free Scorecard and track your success. For every day you are successful implementing your new behavior, you receive 1 point.

Click here to access your downloadable Scorecard.

3. Share your Success

How did you do? Were you are successful 25 out of 28 days? If so, share it loud and share it proud. Get social and share your success #NutritionHabitChallenge and Like us Facebook!

Now challenge someone else to take the Nutrition Habit Challengeanytime.

When you’re ready, choose another behavior you’d like to change, practice it for 28 days, track your progress and enjoy the benefits. The cumulative effect of small dietary changes can make a very positive impact on your health.

The NHCanytime is most successful when community members come together to support one another. Learn how your school or business can organize a community-wide Nutrition Habit Challengeanytime.